Perfectly Paisley – Papercut ‘Sway’

So it is Indie Pattern Month over at The Monthly stitch, this has given me to boot up the bum I needed to get back into blogging!

Week one is dresses, this has worked in perfectly with the new collection of papercut patterns coming out a few weeks ago! New patterns, reason to get into blogging and sewing again, my sewjo has returned!

So when I saw this pattern I knew exactly what fabric to make it in.

I have had the fabric in my stash for a year or more now, it has been waiting for the perfect pattern to come along!

The fabric is an artificial silk, probably rayon.
It was an absolutely horrible fabric to cut out, it kept moving everywhere, sewing up was ok, but the overlocker really didn’t like it.


The Pattern itself was really simple to put together, if the fabric was different it would have been much easier!
I sewed it up in a day, not sure exactly how long, as I was doing it in amongst other things, like working…. (yeah I got a job! More about that another time)


I made up the XS size in the short version. It needed no altering or anything. I’ve made enough papercut patterns up now to be confident with their sizing, also the cut of this dress being loose means it doesn’t matter too much about the fit anyway!

The only thing that didn’t quite work for me was as the fabric was hard to work with the V part of the neck stretchered as it was sewn or cut out I’m not sure… I had to top stitch the neck to stop it gaping so much but it still does it a little bit.


But the best thing about this dress is that you can wear it either way, I actually like it better with the V at the back, and I don’t think it has anything to do with it gaping on me …



Also this dress has POCKETS!!! Every Dress needs pockets! Pockets are amazing!
I could write alot more about pockets… but you know they are amazing!


I made a belt tie for this even though only the longer version has it in the pattern, I think it works better on me with one.

and well I completely failed at making the tie out of the same fabric… there were a lot of swear words involved!
So the one I have is made out of black satin bias binding! I think it works well!


I did the hem on my overlocker using the rolled hem function, I was going to roll the hem on my sewing machine, but I took the faster option as I wanted to wear this dress to a party and had little time to finish it before I left.

I’m not the only one who decides on the day of said function to make an outfit right?



Fabric: Rayon Silk $11pm from Morelands Fabircs 2m used for dress  – $22NZD

Pattern: Sway Dress by Papercut Patterns – $25NZD

Notions: Thread and bias binding, from stash.

Dress = $47NZD


Think that is about all from me!
I love this pattern and already have plans for my next one!

I will be back with more things that I have planned for Indie Pattern Month… Hopefully!

Laura xx


IMG_5878 IMG_5859 IMG_5876


2 responses to “Perfectly Paisley – Papercut ‘Sway’

  1. Love the fabric, horrible to work with though it was. And love to see this pattern made up. Totally agree prefer the round neckline at the front. Lovely.

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