Alder Shirtdress – IPM Dresses Week

I decided the other day that it would be a good idea to enter another dress into Indie Pattern Months Dresses Week …

Trust me to leave things to the last minute and then everything was determined to go wrong!

I hadn’t made a Grainline Studio pattern before so I could have entered this into the new to me week, but where’s the fun in that! Also it is the first time I have made a shirt and collars etc…
I chose this beautiful cotton chambray from my stash … or at least when I bought it it said 100%cotton but cotton doesn’t crackle and give you static shocks! In fairness it is mostly cotton and is super soft but it wasn’t fun to sew with, it kept clinging to to it’s self!


I have done more unpicking in this dress I think than actual sewing, also the fabric was stretching out of shape on me, not fun to work with at all.


Then I was just finishing the collar, and my iron died, the light was on but no one was home. It looked like this dress really wasn’t going to make it into Dresses Week!

But late last night I finished it and thankfully here in NZ we are ahead of the rest of the world so even though this comp finishes on Sunday Night, I still have time to quickly pump out a blog post on Monday morning, YAY!


Apart from the fabric being a pain, and my iron dying and lots of unpicking happening, this pattern was actually quite simple to make up, the instructions were clear, though I did end up following the sew along with all the nice pig pictures!

So I made up View A of the Alder Shirtdress, when on time constrictions there is just no need to add extra faff of gathering and things!


The fit isn’t perfect, but I’m going to call this a wearable muslin, the fabric wasn’t expensive! I could do with making it a little bigger round the bust, but think that is about all the need changing.
There are some little bits that I’m not happy with, like even though the pockets are even when the dress is lying flat, they look like one is higher than the other on me.
Some of the top stitching is not so pretty, like round the armholes, but there is only so much unpicking a girl can do before she gives up!

Also the button bands aren’t the best, but I blame the fabric warping/clinging to each other, partly when cutting I think and then some more when sewing.



Look you can even see it was clinging to my dolly when I was taking photos, thankfully it doesn’t cling to me!

Trying to convince my husband to take photos late at night or at anytime really is hard.
So I apologise for these photo’s … They aren’t the best!

IMG_5932 IMG_5933Then I tried it out with a belt!

IMG_5940 IMG_5941The Details:

Fabric: Lightweight cotton mix chambray from my stash, think it cost about $9m

Pattern: Grainline Studio Alder Shirtdress

Notions: Thread and Interfacing from stash, Buttons from my work 20c each

Thanks Laura xx

I love reading your comments!

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