365 days in the making and counting!

So you might remember a while back I started making this dress … well yes I started over a year ago now!

Then you might remember this picture from my sewing room tour, seen but never mentioned, hanging on the door to my sewing room…

Well its is kinda finished here apart from one detail, which I still haven’t actually added, but well I have worn it and have photo’s!!!

I wore this to two weddings over summer, one in November and one last month!

IMG_5143So it took me so long to start with as I was getting a big size to make from my measurements on the pattern, so I made a muslin of the bodice and yup it was WAY too big except round the waist! With a few major modifications, making the bodice pattern one of the smallest sizes in the shoulders and bust and grading out to the waist, and lengthening the bodice too. I got it pretty much perfect!!!

So then it was time to cut it out …. well I did it bit by bit on my cutting table instead of laying it out on the lunge floor and well I stuffed it up and had wedges missing on two of the skirt pieces at the bottom! this was early Feb last year…

It got thrown in the naughty corner for a few weeks while I looked around for a suitable colour to make a trim out of! By the time I found some trim and pulled it back out of the naughty corner, it was April ….

Once I had that sorted it all sewed up really quick, but then hung on my door waiting for me to hem it for about another month or two. It was about August by the time I hemmed it ….

A rolled hem by hand I might add!

Since then it has sat for the rest of the year (being worn twice) waiting for me to sew tulle around the bottom of the lining to give it more poof! I can’t actually decide if it really needs it or not, in these photo’s I and wearing it with a 1940-50’s petticoat, and it works quite well, but with a little bit more poof would be better …. its just the thought of gathering and stitching sooooooooooo much tulle, I mean it is a full circle skirt!

So any way here it is as it is now, finished, but without the tulle …
IMG_5145 IMG_5146 IMG_5147 IMG_5148 IMG_5149 IMG_5152

A flash of my vintage petticoat! IMG_5153

The belt I made from the scraps, left over from the trim fabric. I actually made this belt to go with my feather batwing dress, but it works really well with this dress too! IMG_5154My hat is a handmade felt cloche, made by a lady I used to do markets with.

 ( You can find her here! )

So what do you think? To tulle or not to tulle? that is the question!

Is it really finished or do I have to get up the courage to add tulle?

I really love this dress, I would definitely make another from this pattern, I would just take more care when cutting it out so it doesn’t become such a chore to fix!
I bought this fabric on a whim, to actually make a different dress I think, can’t remember no the cost. but at the time it was totally out of my comfort zone … too much white, it still is a bit really but since making all of my own clothes for the past year, so much of my sewing has been out of my comfort zone, as well sewing black all the time is boring!

So I will leave you with this this picture of hubby and I, a little later in the day at said wedding …


Laura xx

P.s. these photo’s were kindly taken my my sister, at our cousins wedding on valentines day, in a paddock in Featherston!

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