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Hello There!

My name is Laura AKA Laulipop and I think I was born in the wrong era.
I have a love of all things vintage. Fighting the urge to make a time machine, its much easier to find fabric and live in the bliss of handmade timewarp instead!

Something happened inside me a few years ago, the kind of sewing inspiration explosion that can only come from having two little girls and raiding your Nana’s 50’s kids patterns. Finding all her old vintage sheets stashed away, not being used, I felt the need to bring these beauties into the light.

From here on I became a little crazy… and soon after Laulipop’s Shop was born.

And as with any addiction it becomes a a living breathing thing and you are along for the ride…. and sure enough embroidery was born into this too !
So not only are there delicious handmade things for my girly girls to wear, there are now things adorning their walls telling stories, or memories of their artwork.
I felt the need to share this love with the world as it was now too large to contain in one little sewing room.

You can find my vintage inspired children’s clothing and accessories at http://www.laulipopshop.co.nz

Find me on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/laulipop.shop

Laulipop’s Shop is a proud sponsor of Early Buds!


A Little bit more about me:
I’m a mum of two beautiful girls Emily and Yvette and I have a wonderful and equally creative husband William.
Together with our cat Moppet and two chickens Rosie and Bubbles, we live in the beautiful little Lower Hutt suburb of Wainuiomata surrounded by bush! (that’s at the bottom of the North Island of little old New Zealand way down under).
I also have a great passion for gardening and growing that was instilled in me at a young age by my parents and grandparents! This has now inspired me to study Horticulture and pass all the great knowledge of growing your own food onto the local community and let it spread!

Not only will you find posts on here about what I make in the crafting world but also about the of growing food and gardening and my wonderful family and probably alot more to!

Laura xx


7 responses to “About

    • Hi Kat!
      Thanks for the lovely offer! I discovered about the Wellington group yesterday I would have loved to come and meet up with you ladies but My Hubby and I are doing the Tongariro Crossing next weekend! Maybe next time!
      Thanks for checking out my blog!
      Laura xx

      • If you’d like, we have a (secret) Facebook group where we plan get-togethers, ask sewing type questions, that sort of thing. If you’d like to join, let me know your Facebook name and I’ll add you.

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