Embroideries for Besties Birthdays!

Have have several very close and dear old friends.
Two of whom happen to have their birthdays a week apart!

First there is my oldest friend Hannah, we have been friends since we were little 5 year olds in Mrs May’s new entrant class at Primary School. So that was oh about 21 years ago!
Hannah is super awesome and I love her to pieces.

So you may remember a few weeks ago that I made up this little bit of stitching just for fun.
Well I have used that in creating a present for Hannah.
This cute little purse!

IMG_2531 IMG_2532 IMG_2533

The second best friend who’s birthday was also recently is another old friend Gen.
We became friends at collage when we were 3rd or 4th form .. (13 or 14) I can’t remember it was long ago, but we were both rebellious misfits in the world of an all girls school!
Gen also shares a birthday with my darling little girl Yvette!
So for my lovely beautiful GenGen,
I have made this:
Now I am eagerly awaiting both of them to arrive at my place for a tea party!
I have baked cake made scones and dusted off my treasured teapot!

Laura xx

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