Holiday Sewing With My Big Girl

Over the last few weeks of these holidays (back to school tomorrow YAY) I have been doing some sewing with my 5year old.
We got her a little toy sewing machine for her birthday in July and she loves whizzing fabric through it!
So we took it to the next level.
She wanted to make a doll.
So we made a pattern and cut it out.

She sewed on buttons for eyes  and stitched a mouth.
With my help she sewed it up and had a ball stuffing her (up the bottom hehehe) so many giggles!

then together we researched making hair for dolls (lots of you tube video watching)
Then with Emily’s supervision to make sure I got it all right I did the hair.

With her doll complete we needed to dress her so a trip to spotlight was had and Emily chose some fabric and paid for it with her pocket money.

Yesterday we finally had some time to make up a quick dress for her doll!

She loves it!
and we loved sewing together, was so much fun!
Emily has named her doll Sparkles !

Laura xx

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