Sanity Sewing Sunday!

So it is a dreary grey Sunday here and well I’ve been going insane all weekend!
I am eagerly awaiting my husband to return from his weekend at the 7’s to deal with his rotten children.

But to try and keep myself sane in the meantime I’m going to start making a dress for myself!

Fabric bought from spotlight last summer originally to make a different dress but have decided today that it would be better as this vintage Butterick dress pattern I got last month at the Arthur Toye Sale.
And of course some good music to put me in a better mood!

Off to make a cuppa tea as fuel and hide in my sewing room for the day!
Wish me luck!

Laura xx

4 responses to “Sanity Sewing Sunday!

    • OMG this has been one thing after the other go wrong and mostly my silly mistakes!
      Measured myself up and sized up the pattern, got a whoa hold on moment when I measured 4 sizes bigger then I normally am, so I made up a bodice in calico. WAY too big, so size it down to my normal size and start cutting out the real fabric, only to keep being distracted by kids and then ended up cutting it out with not enough left for the last skirt piece ARGH!
      Monday mad dash round spotlights, typical none of the fabric left, so I get something to match and lets just say I am in the process of problem solving what should have been a simple make.!

      • Oh bugger you poor thing. I hope you had a vino or two to compensate …a little! And what is it about simple makes? I mean, we think great this’ll be a synch to muslin and sew. Perfect. Then it just isn’t. Perhaps we need to stop labeling simple makes “simple”.

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