Laulipop’s Shop ~ Re-Opening 2014!

And so another summer holiday is over and its back into the swing of things.
My website is opening back up today with some great deals running until Friday 8pm (NZ time) !


Super Summer Sale 15% off selected styles!
Clearance items are priced to go! and
FREE NZ SHIPPING on ALL orders off the website!

I will be releasing my new product on Wed at 8pm on the Laulipop’s Shop Facebook page.
(providing the buttons I ordered arrive on time)

More items will be added to the clearance and summer sale sections on my website when light permits me to photograph them!

Have fun shopping.
If you want items sent overseas email me for a quote on shipping:

Laura xx

2 responses to “Laulipop’s Shop ~ Re-Opening 2014!

  1. Congratulations on getting your business moving! You seem very passionate about your business and I’m looking forward to following your progress and celebrating with you! – have fun! Michelle

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