Bubble Tea?

Mmmm I love Bubble Tea … but actually this is a bubble tee!

When I saw this fabric at fabric-a-brac last October, it talked to me!

IMG_5086When I got it home I found it was just a scrap really of selvage offcuts. I forgot to measure it, but it was just wide enough for the two pattern pieces with a bit of cleaver placement and it only cost $2!

But at the same time I actually thought I would make something not for myself as I had also got the same fabric in a different colourway, two almost matching outfits for my girls came to mind.

But then I made up the other colourway here and in the end didn’t use this one, it was still talking to me so I used it to make a hopefully wearable muslin of this pattern.

The pattern sewed up super fast and super easy (I wasn’t expecting anything less) I made the XS, and it fits perfectly.

IMG_5083As for the fabric, it still seems to feel like I’m jumping out of my comfort zone as a pattern/colour that I wouldn’t normally wear (mainly the mustard) but I love it! IMG_5076 IMG_5084Loving how the colours just pop in front of my garage door!
Why have I never thought to take photos in front of it before!

That’s all for now folks!
Laura xx

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