Old Patterns, New Fabric

So at the start of this year I said to myself, that I don’t need to buy any more fabric.
I have more than enough stashed away in my cupboards and other hiding places….

Then the fabric store sale happend and these somehow came home with me ….


Paisley cotton and black merino!

Then about a week or so later, I popped into the evil snotties to get overlocking thread and came out with these!
IMG_5338So that’s it! I’m banned from fabric shops!

so from now on for this year I’m going to try my best at making things out of fabric from my stash!

So onto the second and more exciting part of this quick post!

The other week I went out to see my aunty and she game me this bag … IMG_5028It is full of all (or what is left of) my Grandmother’s sewing patterns, most of which are 1950’s some gems from the 40’s and 60’s and one or two from the 70’s!
(or close to it!)

the haul!


Just a few of my favourites! IMG_5030

I’ll just leave you to drool on all the pretties, I know I have been!

Laura xx

P.s. I’m planning one of my next makes from one of the fabrics and patterns featured, if you guess right you can have a big virtual high5!!!

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