A Daisy Day Dress

So about two weeks ago I was running down to the local mall (for the 5th time that day) getting more things I had forgotten/needed for my daughters birthday party. When I saw this girl wearing a summer dress in daisy fabric.
Once home I couldn’t stop thinking about that dress, I remembered I had some daisy fabric somewhere and lots of summer dress patterns!
In the end I just HAD to make that dress that day, even though I also still had a cake to decorate and pass the parcel to wrap, etc!

IMG_5103First step, find a pattern that fitted the fabric which was not quite 1.5m with a chunk cut out of it! The fabric I’m pretty sure is a viscose/rayon maybe not 100% but has that feel about it! With some creative pattern placing I got it all cut out, and only had to put joins in the bias for the straps, which was no biggy!

To make it work I had to shorten the skirt, A LOT! but the one I has seen this girl wearing was above the knee anyway so that was the plan!

I got most of the dress made that night, as well as the cake done and everything else!
And in the morning I just put in the zip and hemmed it!

After the party I also made a belt to go with it, out of some red quilting cotton that was in my stash and a white buckle I got from Made on Marion!

IMG_5094 IMG_5095 IMG_5096 IMG_5098 IMG_5100 IMG_5101I absolutely LOVE how this dress turned out! Apart from shortening the skirt to make it fit the fabric and cutting on fold instead of on the bias, I made no changes to this pattern!


FABRIC: FREE!!! about 1.5m, given to me in a big bag of fabric that came from someone grandmother, maybe?

PATTERN: FREE, came from my Aunty, it was her MIL’s

ZIP: FREE-ish from a bulk lot of zips (like 100’s) I bought for $20 off Trade Me!

BELT FABRIC: FREE, from stash, left over from so other project.

BELT BUCKLE: $2 from Made on Marion

TOTAL: $2 Dress, woohoo!!!!

Also here is the cake that I also made that night! just you know, as proof!

IMG_5032Laura xx

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