Handmade Christmas Part 1

 I have been having major issues with my overlocker … AGAIN!
The same part on it keeps braking, and due to it being old and a brother, they refuse to make the parts anymore, bla bla bla, I need a new overlocker, family and friends, donations towards a new one would be greatly appreciated in lieu of Christmas presents!

 But on the plus side I can show you some of the gifts that I have made so far. We had Christmas on Sunday with my family, as trying to fit everyone in on the one day is well hard!

For my Brother, the chef, and avid Black Books fan.
It says ‘I ate all your bees’
My fabric paint had gone a bit gluggy and it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped but he loved it anyway!
I also potted up some basil seedlings for him !

My mother needed new oven mits, I had this awesome fabric that I knew she (and my stepdad) would love but not quite enough for oven mits, but 4 pot holders !!!

2014-12-21 18.15.26
This was my first attempt at quilting anything, turned out better than I expected, I also made the binding!

For my sister who kept trying to steal mine, a Papercut Circle top!

2014-12-21 18.13.04

For my little sister I made a book bag and gave her some novels too, she is turning into a book worm, just like me!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of her present so you will have to wait for that one!

some other handmade things that we have this year is our Christmas tree, Hubby and I made it out of driftwood!!

And to go on my sea themed tree, from the WSBN Secret Santa decoration swap I got this adorable crochet turtle!

2014-12-14 17.56.16

And the angel on the top got a sea themed revamp too,
(if you look closely in the first photo on the tree she is before makeover!)


Now she is decked out in paua shells!!!

That’s all folks (until I can show you the rest after Christmas day!)

Now to finish sewing those last minute gifts and my Christmas day dress!

Laura xx

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