TMS Frocktober – Reglisse

It is week 4 of Frocktober over on The Monthly Stitch and the dress of the week is Deer and Doe’s Reglisse!

I have made this dress before and found it an almost perfect fit.
The waist on my original one was a little too tight so for this one I have graded the waist and skirt up a size leaving the bust and shoulders as is. Being the second time round I found the construction of the collar a little easier.

I am scraping in right on the end of the deadline for this weeks challenge!
With only just enough daylight left outside to take a quick couple of photos, I have made it just in time!

IMG_4256 IMG_4257

I spent a long time trying to get thee placement of the bodice pieces right, I didn’t want exactly the same pattern of flowers on each side… but it still looked better with the same amount of flowers on each side… I ended up cutting about four front bodice pieces before I finally settled on two that looked ok together.
I also tried to avoid boob flowers but I still kinda got some anyway, although they are not front on which is a little better!

IMG_4260 IMG_4261 IMG_4262 IMG_4264

The main fabric was actually a single sheet that I found at an op shop for $2!!!!
The co-ordanating navy I had in my stash already, probably a tad in the stiff side but I was making it work!

I’m still loving this pattern and am already planning another one!

Laura xx

7 responses to “TMS Frocktober – Reglisse

  1. Oh, that is cute!! Love the navy trim. Sheet???? So many people say that they’ve thrifted sheets and sew these amazing outfits with them. Whenever I go to the op-shops, I can find fabric for cheap that is often amazing, but the bedding aisle. It NEVER pans out. I guess folks around here don’t enjoy pretty linens. :)

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