WSBN – Name Chellange

So awhile ago … OK seriously AGES ago!
One of the lovely ladies from WSBN (Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network) set us a challange:
Make a garment from a pattern that has the same name as you/your blog/designer has same name as you etc … it had pretty relaxed rules really, make something pretty that may or may not have something to do with your name and meet up for cocktails wearing it!

Anywho sewing cocktails and catch up with some awesome ladies! I was in … just to find a pattern called Laura …

Turns out there isn’t any, but there are lots of pattern designers called Laura.

I ended up going with a pattern called Laurel (not the one you are thinking) as Laura means of the Laurel … close enough!

Patten: Laurel Tunic/Dress by GreenStyleCreations

This pattern was super easy to make up, I made the long sleeved tunic length with the longest bodice option too (I have a long torso)

I bought 3m of this very cool deep purple viscose knit from The Fabric Warehouse in their 50% off sale (now that was AGES ago)

The pattern asked for 3 yards for fabric but really I hardly used over 1m of the 150cm wide fabric.

Best thing about this pattern … IT HAS POCKETS!

I have been wearing this HEAPS since I made it, forgot to take photo’s on the night we met up for cocktails (think someone might have?)

Anyway I finally got photo’s while down south over the last week!


Hanging out at the Moeraki Boulders



Because well all the other tourists where getting this photo … I had to blend in!

So really not the best photo’s , but my friend and I were driving the length of the South Island, I was tired, and we had just stopped at one of my fav fabric stores!!!


Road Trip Buddies!

Also WordPress is telling me that it has been a year since I started this little blog of mine!
My how time flies when you are having fun! Thanks for sticking with me!

Laura xx

4 responses to “WSBN – Name Chellange

    • thank you! well I can say I think I organised my sewing room too well the other month! can’t find half the things I need!
      And as for my stash … I still find my self buying more, much to my hubby’s dismay!

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