Candy Stripe Breastpads – Limited Edition

NEW limited edition cute candy striped hemp breastpads coming soon to a secret squirrel location soon!

Candy Stripe

Hemp Breastpads by Laulipop’s Shop

These are fantastic for breastfeeding mums and make a great gift.

Each pad is approximately 10cm in diameter, and is perfectly suitable for day use and light night use. Can be washed over and over, saving you money and the planet in the long run!
Hemp is a fast growing and super absorbent fabric, and is super sustainable, making it a perfect fabric for reusable breast pads.
When the pads are new, for best results hot was them a few times. If cared for properly absorbency of these pads will improve with age.

Absorbent inner: 55% Hemp, 45% Cotton
Waterproof outer: 100% PUL

Handmade in Wainuiomata, New Zealand

For ever set of 5 Pairs sold I will donate one pair to Early Buds which is a charity organisation supporting kiwi parents of premature babies.
You can find out more about Early Buds here:

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