Eeek I have a NEW SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!



I’m so excited I’ve literally been bouncing since I walked out the shop with it yesterday!

By the time I got home I was gutted that my children and not my new baby had to come first!
Once kids were in bed the unpacking begun!

1402122693784 1402122750837ALL new and untouched! WOOHOO!

and then the setting up:

1401957565626Out with the old!
Bye bye old faithful Contessa.

HELLO sparkly new machine!

1402124270976and FREEBIES!
free scissors, free bobbins and I managed to score free RAINBOW THREAD!!!!

1402124712335Sadly the extention table doesn’t fit on the machine when its on my sewing desk … Hubby will have to make an insert to lift it up!

And YAY the soft cover I made for my old machine fits (just) !!!!!

Oh so the important stuff…
Machine is the Janome DC6030
Bought from Wellington Sewing Services.
they were amazing there, let me play with it in the shop for AGES, filled out the warranty card for me and sent it off, threw in freebies …
They were just pure awesome!

Now I must confess I did go into the shop intending to test drive a few other models I had researched online, but well I only played with this one and that was it, I was in love!

The machine has, needle threader, automatic buttonholes, option for foot free sewing O_0 , scissor button that cuts the thread while its still under the foot AND so much more!!!!

now it is time to play!!!

See you soon (maybe)

Laura xx

( oh, suppose I should also say thanks Dad for buying it for me! Best birthday present EVER! )


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