Embroidery Project Book

Ok so long time no see right?
Well we were away on holiday and then when we got home life got busy and I forgot about blogging and facebook and even to check my email!
(so unlike me!)

But hey I’m back!!!

I started this little project while on holiday.

I was bored and felt like some stitchery, so this was created:

Embroidery pattern from Urban Treads

But I couldn’t just leave it like this, It needed to be MORE!

As you may remember I took my sewing machine on holiday !!!

I went and found a cute little fabric shop near where we were staying, found the prefect fabric…

Then this was born!

Im madly in love with this fabric on the outside, it is from Moda’s range Bobbins and Bits!

It is a very handy little ‘book’ to keep my on the go embroideries in!!!

I have also been doing quite a bit of sewing for myself in the last few weeks as well, but as it is coming into winter, its dark when hubby is home to take photo’s for me.
Or its too wet and wild outside (and well my house is too messy!)

All in good time!
Watch this space!

Laura xx


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