Holiday Sewing


On Easter Monday I headed to the Morelands Fabric Sale.
And got some cool fabrics!wpid-2014-04-23-15.05.27.jpg.jpeg

So if you read my last post you will know that my sewing machine has come on holiday with us.
The main reason for this being my Dad who we are staying with had lots of new pants etc he needed taking up.

Turned out having my sewing machine has come in use for more then just taking up my Dads pants!

In the rush of trying to pack to go away ( in the middle of a storm and power cut i might add) I forgot to pack shorts for my girls ( and myself too)!!!
Luckily I did remember T-shirts, Im my defense it had been very cold and wet for weeks so I wasn’t really thinking about summer coming back…

Anyhoo …
I whipped up some shorts for my girls today with some of the fabric i got on Monday!


(Sorry photo isn’t the best)

Fabric 1m cotton $8.99 – 30%

Elastic 1m $1.50

 Pattern free one I found in a Google search and adapted.

Got two pairs of shorts ( same size) plus have about 1/3 of the fabric left!!!
So all up the shorts cost about $3 each and only took me 40 min!!!

Beat that all the shops that didn’t have shorts in stock anymore!!!


Laura xx


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