Procrastination and Inspiration – the week that was

Isn’t it funny how our minds work?
I have been out of the habit of sewing as late, too much mess not enough inspiration and all of that!

then all of a sudden something happens and BOOM !!!
Hello Sew Jo where did you come from?

Oh yeah that’s where…
Sewing inspiration was found while I seem to be procrastinating my assignment that is due tomorrow!

So late last week I had had little to know sleep was super tired, like zombie feeding on coffee tired.
I must say not the best mood to sew in as mistakes are made.
But I made my little friend here…

Meet Zoe, and her dog Bones

Aren’t they sooooo cute!
Cute little ZOMBIES!!!

Probably why I felt like sewing them when I was such a zombie myself!
Panel is Zombie apocalypses by Riley Blake.

Then I spent Friday evening on the couch stitching this little beauty!
IMG_2954Retro fabric + little local saying = fun night stitching!

For those that aren’t from Wellington, Wainuiomata is a suburb that I happen to live in.
There is this little saying that school kids have been yelling at each other on trains and buses for years (along with plenty of other more inappropriate things)
It goes like this:
Wainuiomata where the girls are smarter, Paekakariki where the boys are cheeky!

Saturday I rushed into town after my netball game to meet up with the mother in law and head off to Fabric-a-brac!

If you are from around these parts you will know that Fabric-a-Brac is a twice yearly HUGE as fabric market!
Kinda like a craft market but everyone is selling off fabric, buttons, patterns and the like from their stashes!

My lovely little haul !!!

Mother in laws haul!

Neither of us spent over $30, and was so much fun!
Wonderful day out indeed!

Today full day of me avoiding studying by taking the silly cat to the vet and then sewing the rest of the day!!!
I made this awesomely cool new handbag for myself!

Pattern is 241 Tote By Noodlehead

Grey lining fabric I got from Fabric-a-brac
Geekly Chic Glasses by Riley Blake Ramdom purple cotton I had in my stash

Ok now it is really time to do some study ….
Maybe I should cook dinner first though!

Laura xx

4 responses to “Procrastination and Inspiration – the week that was

  1. I have just found your blog and noticed your retro fabric embroidery ring uses the same fabric as I am currently using to make a pair of pj bottoms! My fabric looks a bit more faded though. I’m aiming to finish them today, so come and have a look when they’re done :)

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