Sew-Jo Returning Slowly!

So two days ago on Sunday, I decided it was finally time to get cracking and so some sewing.
Only problem was well, my sewing room looked like this
(actually worse, as this was taken into the cleanup)

I chucked Girls on, on my computer and just slowly worked away at the pigsty until it was looking a little better!

Still a little messy but everything is in its right place and my sewing desk and cutting table are clear and clean!

So continuing to watch Girls (up to season 2 at this stage) I cut out a pair of espresso leggings from this super funky fabric!

Cutting them bigger and allowing extra for the fact that I was going to cut them against the grain (Less stretch) to get the stripes horizontal on my legs I whipped then up super fast.

Only to try them on and DAMN didn’t add on enough to allow for the less stretch.

Can’t get the crotch up any higher then just above my knee.
Jumps up and down screaming and yelling, and throws them into the corner …. there goes my sew-jo again!

But I calmly took a deep breath, sent a pick of them to my sis to see if she wants them and carried on with another project!

Watching the whole of season 3 of Girls yesterday I made up these wee beauties ready to pop into Eco Craft!

Lots and lots of new Laulipop’s Shop hair ties heading to the shop on Thursday!
Just in time for the Grand Opening on Saturday!

So now I am going to try and sew something else today just to keep that tiny feeling of laziness away a little longer!

Untill next time!
Laura xx

Check out the Laulipop’s Shop website:


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