REWARD ~ for the return of one missing sew-jo

I have been a little MIA from here lately, I haven’t even been coming on to read others blog post which I normally love to do, several times a day.
The reason?


Please check all lost and found boxes in your nearest vicinity I fear it may have wandered off to the land Far Far Away!

I really haven’t had the time or the energy to sew in the last few weeks/maybe even months!

I have many almost finished projects cluttering up my sewing room and so many ideas for not even started projects cluttering up my brain!

My sewing room is also more of a mess then normal which doesn’t help …. well actually my whole house is a mess!

The motivation needed to get all of the things into order so I can find the energy to sew again are mounting up rather rapidly.

Please help me get my SEW-JO back you will be rewarded with on huge big hug (possibly virtual) and a happy happy Laura if you do!

I promise next time (hopefully really soon) I will be back with actual complete sewing projects to show you!

Laura xx

And now I leave you with a little bit of sewing humour from past and present!

2 responses to “REWARD ~ for the return of one missing sew-jo

  1. Noooo how can that be???? have you looked under your pillow, down the back of the sofa, in the draw in the kitchen…you know the one…. the one where EVERYTHING get stashed, try going into your sewing room for half an hour at a time to tidy up, just handling, sorting and admiring your beautiful fabric may tempt you I wish you well on your search <3

    • I have since got into the sewing room cleaned it up and made some leggings … They didn’t fit and now its gone again!!!! see all in my latest post ;)

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