Op-Shopping Sucess!

Once again I have been Op-Shopping today!
after the weekend away’s good scores I couldn’t stay away and headed to some close to home.

I got 5 vintage patterns, 2 embroidery books and a HUGE piece of fabric, all for a total of $8 !!!!



And all this while hanging out with one of my Bestest friends!

Tomorrow is study day
Then it is sewing day and I will at least start the dress that has been causing me problems before the end of the week … I promise!

Laura xx

6 responses to “Op-Shopping Sucess!

  1. Bargain doesn’t even begin to describe this…I applaud you and possibly even do a Mexican wave in your honour…looking forward to seeing what you create from that fabric (I have an obsession with print fabrics, bordering on the unhealthy)!

    • HAHAHA!! why thank you!
      This is from a good 4 hours of trawling op-shops, and coming away with nothing from most!
      I am not sure yet as to weather I will make something for myself with that fabric or most likely my girls. Though I KNOW that the piece of fabric I scored for 50cents on the weekend (in my weekend away post) WILL be made into shorts for me, hopefully before this summer ends!

      • That fabric is perfect for kids clothes…I really want my friends to start having kids so I have a legitimate excuse to start whipping up children’s clothes…apparently though, my desire to make tiny clothing is not a good enough reason for my friends to make a life altering decision…selfish no? Need some better friends, haha!

    • thank you Emily! when I showed Hubby he said what do you need more patterns for …. even when I said but they are pretty and it was only $2 for the lot … he wasn’t completely convinced!
      I love Op-Shoping you are always saving money (even if you shouldn’t be spending in the first place! )

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