Outie Everything Batwing Dress – Pattern Review

Outie is a fabulous NZ company run by the wonderful Katrina – Making everything for bumps and beyond.

The Everything Batwing Dress was designed for nursing babies (through the sleeve) and then was discovered it covers bumps pretty well too!
This dress was designed by Katrina from Outie and she collaborated with Helen from Uncommon Treads to make this into the paper pattern!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I myself am not pregnant, nursing and in no way am I planning to be at any time in the near future.
I just loved this dress, the fabric and the fact that it is so versatile is a bonus.

Onto the pattern, I bought this as a DIY kit so it came with everything pattern, fabric and thread. Now you can buy it as just the pattern for $25 from here.

This pattern comes in three sizes S, M and L. I actually graded this pattern down to an XS and this was super easy to do so.
The pattern consists of Front and back pieces and super clear and easy to follow instructions.

This dress can be made as a V neck as I have done or by cutting two back pieces instead a boat neck.
This pattern is really easy to modify, want a top? Easy make it shorter! want your dress to be longer? Easy make it longer! Don’t want such a wide or deep neckline? Easy cut it smaller!!!

To cut and sew this dress took me no more then an hour, it is super simple for beginner sewists or a nice fast dress for those more experienced.
My dress was sewn up using an overlocker for the size and shoulder seams and a twin needle for the bottom hem, sleeve hems and neck line.
But if you don’t have those it can be made with just a standard machine, and all the different ways of sewing it are explained in the pattern instructions.
If you are making this up for maternity or nursing you will need to make this in a knit fabric.
If like me you just love the dress and just want one it could be made up in a light silk, cotton or linen woven fabric.

My dress is made from a Viscose/Spandex Knit fabric, Oh how I looooove viscose!
I made up a belt for when I feel like a belt from a scrap of quilting cotton and a vintage belt buckle I had in my stash!
and because I love the fabric so much I also made an twisted headband from a scrap to match!

This pattern was super easy, I would highly recommend it to any one, even if you have never sewn or never sewn knits, I would recommend it to a complete novice!
To wear this dress is light, comfortable and easy to dress up or down and wear in any weather!

If you really want one but don’t want to sew it up yourself, you can get them custom made over at Outie, along with some very cool maternity tees, Slat mats (for those messy times with babies), nursing tops and MORE!!!

Laura xx

P.s. Yes you may have noticed that I have made this dress without finishing the one I showed I was going to make on Sunday … Lets just say sewing for my sanity didn’t really work on Sunday, as I made some silly mistakes cutting the fabric and now I have to do a whole bunch of problem solving to now get what should have been a pretty straight forward make to work! After a whole bunch of fails this week I just wanted a dress for me, and it didn’t matter what dress, this one had been sitting waiting for my overlocker to be repaired before I made it and well my overlocker is fixed so I just HAD to sew it!
hopefully I will get started on the dress that is driving me INSANE next week!


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