If there is one thing you may have picked up about me so far, is that I LOVE Embroidery!!!

I may have masted some pretty difficult stitches in the last year but there is one that was always getting the better of me.
Oh how we were not friends, I just could not make it work!

Last night I sat down with the one goal of concurring this stitch and making us be friends!

With the help of Marion Nichols we became friends!

Some pretty Poppies in stem stitch!

Now I think I’m going to sew this into something cute, but no idea what yet!

Laura xx

5 responses to “Stitchery

  1. stem stitch is easiest if you dont use a frame or hoop, work it in hand. Treat it like upside down backstitch – if you look at the back of stem it should look pretty much like backstitch. you can do backstitch, everyone can, therefore you can also do stem, easy!

    • Ah yes I have it worked out now thanks!
      I think the worse thing was everyone was all oh its so easy, which mad me even more grumpy when I couldn’t get it to work.

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