Shopping Spree

So sadly one of my all time favourite fabric stores Arthur Toye is closing down.
A lot of my youth was spent meandering through this store…

But the good news was everything store wide was half price, so a special trip into Wellington CBD was needed!

Fabricy goodness

Fabricy goodness

Patterney goodness

Patterney goodness

As you can see lots of pretty things were bought and even though everything was half price … I won’t tell you how much I really spent!

While in town I couldn’t pass up popping into some of my favourite Op-shops
(also known as Thrift Stores in much of the northern hemisphere)
In one lovely Op-shop I scored this awesome gem!
$10 = one black silk dress, no altering required!

Dress front

Dress front

Dress back

Dress back

I also scored me some super cheap items to attempt to refashion, you will see those at a later date (maybe)!

Now off to sew some of those new fabrics into a super new product I’m working on!

Laura xx

5 responses to “Shopping Spree

    • I know it is such a shame, they have been around since my mum was working in town … lets just say that was a LONG long time ago. Probably been around since at least the 70’s.
      The biggest chunk of what I spent was the patterns, even at half price pattern’s are expensive, and trust me to choose the ones in the highest price range!

  1. I’m sorry your haberdashery is closing, it must feel like the end of an era ;-( loving your purchases though :-) now go have a sew- a – licious time

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