2013 The End … Last Minute Sewing Projects

Found some sew-jo to finish off/start some projects that have been on the books for a LONG time!

#1 Custom order crochet collar dress for my friends little niece
(was meant to do this for her birthday towards the start of the year but ended up a Christmas present)
Note to friends – Give me an EXACT date on when you need it, otherwise I’ll keep doing other things first!

#2 Curtain tie backs for my sewing room curtains
These have been waiting to be made since I made the curtains way back in April!

#3 Soft cover for my sewing machine!
I have a hard cover for this but it never gets used.
A friend gave me this fabric for the purpose of making a cover for my machine but there wasn’t quite enough fabric to make it long enough so it was put away almost never to be seen again!

#4 Making the sewing machine cover gave me motivation to make one for my overlocker.
This has never had a cover and gets very very dusty.
(especially at the moment as it is still waiting for new parts)

So love this fabric, might have to make another cover for my singer treadle with what is left … if there is enough!

#5 A headband for my girl.
Found this half finished when tidying up the sewing room the other day, so under the needle it went and now its DONE!

#6 A dress I whipped up in a night or two last summer but never hemmed or top stitched!
This I also round when cleaning up.
Now it is ready to wear … almost, turns out I need to take it in a little at the back, DAMN!

Sorry not the best pics I know, it is a maxi halter-neck dress made from black embroidered fabric and lined with red cotton!

No more time to sew today, off fishing with the kids while the sun is shining, then off to see the new year in with my sister and friends!
See you all in 2014!!!!
Laura xxx

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4 responses to “2013 The End … Last Minute Sewing Projects

    • Thank you! I am attempting to alter the halter today!
      as for the crochet collar I can’t take credit for that as I don’t crochet, I have a friend who makes them for me, But I do dye them to match the fabrics I am working with!
      Laura xx

    • Thank you, I’m guessing you mean the one with the crocheted collar.
      I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to make an adult sized one or at least something similar with the same style collar. I wish I had more of that fabric to make one for myself, it has been by far one of my favs !

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