Rain Rain Rain … What Happened to Summer?

Rain rain go away, come again another day. Or another week, or how about another month?

Thankfully we were given a break of the constant downpour of heavy and hot summer rain on Christmas day, But is has been over cast and dreary ever since.

As I type this though of course the sky is fining up at least for the time being, completely against the weatherman’s predictions of overcast and showers till evening!

Hello sun so nice to see you again!

Hello sun so nice to see you again!

Sun! Just in time to take some super restless girls out of the house and off exploring!

Of course the constant rain has had its upsides…

I haven’t had to water the garden … though I have had to save some things from drowning.
My sewing room got tidied up and I made the tie backs for the curtains.

Last night I got through all the reading material and assignment done of one of my papers!
We still got out on Saturday morning between rain showers to explore the Rimutaka Forest Regional Park, with the main object to suss out how wet it was down there as we are heading there on Friday for a weekend at least camping with friends! The forecast says rain rain and more rain, but hopefully today is something to go by!

Louie the Tui came out to say hello! Found a Fairy House!And sussed out the best swimming holes, because even if it is wet this weekend, if Saturday down there is anything to go by it will be HOT!

Today I am going to make hay while the sun shines, or at least get some washing dry for once!
and give these restless, stir-crazy kids some fresh air.
and if all else fails and it rains again, think it will be a great day to sew!

Hope the weather is treating you well were you are and you are recovering from Christmas overload!

Laura xx

UPDATE: so we went to the beach this afternoon as the sun was shining and it was glorious … but now it is raining again, sigh!

To the sea! To the sea! To the sea!

To the sea! To the sea! To the sea!

anyone want to take a guess as to where we went ‘swimming’ ?

I love reading your comments!

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