Into the Garden!

With the build up to Christmas, between the half made presents and the girls final week at school and kindy for the year, my garden has been semi neglected.

But today it is into the garden I go and what marvellous things I have found!

Zucchini's in flower

Zucchini’s in flower

Blackcurrants ripening

Blackcurrants ripening

Cucumbers taking off

Cucumbers taking off

Sugar snap pea's trying to strangle eggplants!

Sugar snap pea’s trying to strangle eggplants!

Feijoa's flowering

Feijoa’s flowering

Just love zucchini flowers!

Just love zucchini flowers!

corn carrots and spinach !

corn carrots and spinach !

AND my naughty chicken’s broke down the netting that was sectioning off my friends plants that I am babysitting and completely stripped her kale ….

Bad bad plant sitter!

We are good girls - YEAH RIGHT!

We are good girls – YEAH RIGHT!

Off I go to tend to my garden, try and save my good friends kale, and then fingers crossed get the last of the Christmas presents made!

If I don’t ‘see’ you again before Christmas Day,
I hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family!
Laura xx

4 responses to “Into the Garden!

  1. I could send you a picture of my UK garden and then you would feel proud as punch ;)

    Here nearly all the leaves have gone now, shortest day of the year tomorrow so everything is a wonderful hue of BROWN. Yummy!

    Suffering garden envy right now. X

  2. Wow your garden looks awesome- just hope ours has survived us being away for a week! I’ve been wanting to grow black currants for ages are they difficult?

    • we only put them in a few months ago, just chucked them straight in the ground and they are doing well. I had big chat to one of the guys down at the nursery as we live in a quite soggy clay area, and he said as long as we put a bit of fill in under the bushes when planting we should be fine!

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