Festive Baking!

Festive Baking!

Yesterday afternoon My girls and I made the one and only batch of Rocky Road for the year.
I know its not a fully Christmas thing and I could make it all year round, but it is nice to have those little traditions that you only do at certain times of the year, and Rocky Road at Christmas is one of those for us!
Emily is getting big enough now that she helped chop up all the jelly snakes to go into the mix!

Just so you know this is the best Rocky Road (well I think so)
here is the recipe!

500g Choc, 1tblsp Kramelta (copha) , Melt together.
200g marshmallows, then you can add nuts and all sorts but I just do a pack or two of Natural Confectionery snakes cut up… then I put a thin layer of choc on bottom, add all the bits then poor the rest of the choc over the top!
let it set in fridge! so easy!

Then we save some for us and give the rest as gifts to friends and the Girls Teachers!


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