A is for Addiction

I have an addictive personality.
I know this and I accept this.
If you know me personally, you will also know this.

Mostly my addictions are related to craftiness, they do not and never will, flow into the world of cleanliness and tidiness.
(Just to point out my house is clean, and I do love a clean house, but I do no love to clean, it is also messy but this does not mean it is dirty).
Being addicted to crafty things does not leave much time for being addicted to cleaning things.


Lets see if I can name 101 things I’m addicted to …
No wait that’s not it!

Learning a new skill is fantastic, becoming addicted to it is amazing!
And it seems every time I master a new skill it soon becomes an addiction, then that addiction instils a need to push that skill to my absolute boundaries!

Take learning sew, This is a skill I learnt so long ago I can’t even remember exactly how old I was. 8, 9, 10?
In any case however old I was I learnt the basics and just kept growing my addiction, oops I mean skill.
I have been sewing ever since, took it all the way through school, expanded my knowledge as much as I could and I’m still learning now!

With an addiction to sewing comes the addiction of collecting things to sew with, fabrics, patterns, buttons, threads etc.
In my case I have all of the above pretty bad. Even worse if you add the word vintage in front!
I trawl trade me and op shops looking for vintage fabrics. patterns and notions!

One way to solve this problem is to shop online!

With becoming addicted to sewing you would think next step knitting or crochet… but NO I have tried and failed miserably at these many times.

But Embroidery, now that I am also addicted too.
Learning new stitches or just doing original pictures in backstitch, I LOVE IT!

Then if you have ever been to my house you would know it is not only full of sewing and craft paraphernalia, but also BOOKS.
I am addicted to books, new books, old books, the smell of books, chapter books, picture books, sewing books, embroidery books, pattern books…
You name it I have it!

I am addicted to collecting books! I am addicted to reading books!
Usually if I am not sewing, crafting (or gardening) I tend to be reading!

Then there is this thing online that most people become addicted to …
It aid and abets my addiction to craft and all other things.
It also wastes all my time that would other wise be spent being addicted to crafts.
I guess you could say…


At least pinterest isn’t taking over my house like fabric, books and sewing machines …
just slowly taking over my life so I have less time to use fabric, books and sewing machines.

Ooooh look at all the pretty Embroidery I found on pinterest!

Pinterest can be dangerous but used wisely it can be very helpful for a crafty Mum like me, to help me grow my addictions (I mean skills) and give me inspiration for craftiness!

Oh did I mention I’m now semi addicted to buying, (I mean collecting) Vintage sewing machines.
I have two singers, one is my treadle and the other an electric one that needs some work to get it going…
Hubby has also dragged me out of 3 second hand shops when I was about to buy more, and I just can’t stop looking at them on trade me!

And please don’t look in my kitchen, you might get buried in Tupperware …

Not all addictions are bad, not all addictions should be hidden away from the world.
My addictions keep me sane, give me a creative outlet, keep me busy and the end result is usually pretty things!

Don’t be shy now, don’t be embarrassed, share with me…
What is YOUR biggest addiction?

Today’s post was brought to you by the letter A, the number 101, and the colour Purple!

Laura xx


4 responses to “A is for Addiction

  1. I don’t find your ‘addictions’ obsessive…I find them part of being a crafty person :D) … I don’t do Pinterest, it kept me away from my treadle… m.b.

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