Hot Off the Hoop!

Latest embroidery commission!

Picture by a 3 1/2 year old boy of his Mum with curly hair!

Turned into an embroidery framed in a wooden hoop!

I love doing these they are so much fun and every one is so completely different!

Got some lovely feed back on my Children’s artwork embroideries today, from a very proud Granny – if you want to give your Mum or Dad that something special. Send your child’s drawing to Laura to embroider. I have my cushion of Granny and Grandad sitting on our bed and it makes me smile and think of our little girls. Such a precious keepsake. Go ahead give something different to your parents.

Gives me warm and fuzzies doing these embroideries!
Laura xx

For information on ordering your own keepsake embroidery see my website or email me at
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