Jam Making and Seedling Planting

Yesterday was another beautiful day, full of sunshine gardening and well sun burn (whoops)

First off I was at school in the morning, planting out into the garden with room 9 and room 4 their seedlings into the school garden.
All the kids and parents had a fantastic time in the garden, the classes even had the time to plant a feijoa tree into the orchard each!

Room 9's Zucchini and Pumpkins

Room 9’s Zucchini and Pumpkins

Room 4's sugar snap peas

Room 4’s sugar snap peas

Got home at lunchtime and I had that rhubarb jam to make (remember yesterday’s post).
I’ve never made jam before, I have done relishes but not jam …

Jam ready to go in the pot

Jam ready to go in the pot

I don’t think it turned into a complete disaster, I was doing really well until right at the end.
When it burnt to the bottom of the pot.
I managed to save it (I think) and got it all bottled up, some for me, some for Christmas gifts I think!
Turns out rhubarb jam tastes a lot like strawberry jam!

Jam Jam Jam Jam!

Jam Jam Jam Jam!

Today is going to be a chilled out day at home!
Laura xx


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