Welcoming Summer – Fun Filled Weekend

Well Sunday (yesterday) was the first day of summer and what a glorious day it was too!

The view from my deck, Sunday morning!

The view from my deck, Sunday morning!

Hot sunny and wonderful, a complete and utter flip from Saturday where it was so windy, with rain pelting down!

Saturday, wonderfully wet and windy as it was, turned out to be the perfect day for the Flax Weaving Workshop that I attended with my mother in law and many other wonderful ladies!
It was being run by the two awesome ladies from Forever Flax, as a fundraiser for our kindergarten!
It was a full day on Saturday but I came away feeling I had only been there for a few hours, not 7 hours!!!
At the workshop we started off learning to make flowers, and then we moved onto baskets!

Here are some of my flowers and the basket that I made!

Sunday brought summer, sun and a trip to spotlight with my friend!
We were armed with a spend $100 and get $40 off voucher each, and spend that we did!
With one voucher I managed to score a new duvet cover for my bed, two bed side lamps (and a cake tin to make it up to $100) that came down to $60! making my duvet and the two lamps $18 each!
With the other voucher my friend and I were meant to go half, but well true to spotlight nature they didn’t have half the things I needed on my list.
While my friend was piling gorgeous fabric into our trolley I was well running round like a headless chicken!
But in the end we each spent the $50 (down to $30) each!
And you will be surprised…
I came away with not a single scrap of fabric!
I did however get some Christmas presents, sewing machine needles (boring!)
AND this gorgeous vintage print poster

I just need a frame and it will then adorn a wall of my sewing room!

Once home, some sunshine was in order, basking in it, reading in it…
I wish!
Working in the garden in it!
The wind from Saturday had blown over all of my silverbeet and it needed harvesting, so did my rhubarb, the wind had destroyed that also!
So I got cutting away!

Basket full of garden fresh produce!

Basket full of garden fresh produce!

I couldn’t resit some fresh radish to munch on either!

Some of the silverbeet went into our dinner.

Silverbeet Pie, adapted from my Mum's recipe!

Silverbeet Pie, adapted from my Mum’s recipe!

The rhubarb I decided to attempt to make jam from…

Recipe said to sit over night to infuse, and then cook in pan the next day…
I will let you know the outcome of this experiment later!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Laura xx


5 responses to “Welcoming Summer – Fun Filled Weekend

    • It has always got to be winter somewhere, where in the world are you Maria?
      Me I am just glad that for once it isn’t raining and cold on the first days of summer like it normally is here!

      • I am in the mountains of Northeast PA, here in the States. Right now the temp is 20 degrees and it is still snowing… A white Christmas this year :D m.

      • Brrrrr Even in winter it doesn’t even snow where I live. Too close to the sea!
        We hit 23 degrees yesterday, but to you that would be 70 something to you!

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