Back to Basics

Typical Murphy’s Law, sit down at my sewing machine to get some sewing done before lunch to have the power go out as I start sewing!

That’s when this beauty becomes more than just for show!
My darling husband gave this to me for my birthday (meaning I chose it and bought it)
It’s a little bit of a bitsa but that is OK. Top and machine are original but drawers are more Art Deco era then the era that the machine was made.

So powers out and I move my computer and lift up the machine from its little hidey hole.
Only to realise that I don’t remember how to thread it!
It takes me till just before the power come back on to get it threaded and sewing right.
But really you can never resist a play with one of these.
So I get sewing on it anyway!

Once the power came back on I did a little google search to see if I really had threaded it properly.
And I discovered that my machine was made in march of 1904!
Super cool!

Right back I go to playing with my amazing piece of turn of the century machinery!

Laura xx

2 responses to “Back to Basics

  1. I remember my grandmother having one of those machines, but us kids were never allowed to play with it. I’m not sure what ever happened to it, I suspect sold after she passed away (I was only 8 at the time). I would so love to own one of those.

    • My Grandmother also had one very like this machine, she got rid of it before I was born when they moved into a smaller house. My mother helped me decide on this one as it look the most like the one her mother used to have!

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