Fireworks and Fun!

As it was Hubby and I’s anniversary earlier in the week…
We had a very rear day childless day yesterday!

Starting with a craft market and meanderings on the Wellington waterfront,
Then to end with dinner out and the fireworks display over the harbor.

Some good friends invited us to an impromptu BBQ instead!
and then a mission into town with buses running late, meant we almost missed the fireworks all together!

Can’t beat Wellington on a good day, Down on the waterfront!

We found this quirky little shop down on Wakefield Street that appealed to us both…
IMG_1220  IMG_1222
( It wasn’t until after I took these shots that I saw the sign that said ‘No photo’s the exhibits are shy’ )

Then on to hang out with fab friends!

Jen and I had a camera off …

She won!

IMG_1264 IMG_1269 IMG_1273 IMG_1274
Back to the waterfront for the fireworks!

And then some of hubby and I up to no good!
IMG_1287 IMG_1289

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Laura xx


7 responses to “Fireworks and Fun!

  1. Yay glad you had a fab time lovely! We will have to do it again. Will give you a heads up when the house warming is scheduled :)

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