MISSING in Action!

So if you have been reading my posts you will know, I was making a stack of new bibs (see here)

Well the making of these has come to a stop as:

Not my actual Zipper foot... but it looks like this

Not my actual Zipper foot… but it looks like this



I actually have a suspicious feeling that one of my delightfully wonderful daughters has seen it in my sewing room, thought oooooh shiny treasure, and placed it in a special place never to be found again.

Now you are probably thinking, why does it matter if your zipper foot is missing, bibs don’t have zips!
I use my wonderful little zipper foot for many other things other then just inserting zips
It is actually used most for top stitching super close to the edge of things, mostly bibs!

Earlier this week I went on a mad as mission, round every single sewing supplies shop in the Lower Hutt region (which is 5)
with not one of them having the foot I was in desperate need for…
But in the last place I visited (Sewing Machine Services) the guy there was a supper huge help.
He showed me a different type of zipper foot that should fit my machine.

Looked something like this...

Looked something like this…

But instead of him selling me one then and there he asked if I had any other machines at home…
Why yes I do, I have a 1920’s singer treadle machine with a box full of random feet…
He told me to go home and look in the box full of random feet as changes were there would be a foot similar to the one he had shown me AND that it should fit on my machine

Say hello to the box of bits!

Say hello to the box of bits!

Inside of box of bits

Inside of box of bits

Now there are some VERY random looking attachments in this box

Insert super happy dance here YAY!!!

Insert super happy dance here YAY!!!

And better yet… it fits onto my machine!
Let the finishing off of bibs commence!

Sneek Peek!

Sneak Peek!

Soon I will be finished the new stack of bibs
BUT in the meantime why don’t you check out the end of the line bibs on CLEARANCE!!
I can ship over seas so just ask for shipping costs to your location and I can add them to my website!

Hope every one has a great weekend!
I know my week has now ended on a super high!
Laura xx

I love reading your comments!

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