start small, aim high – grow food for the masses!

It has become a great passion of mine to tend to our vegetable garden with my girls, to plant seeds together, watch them grow and then harvest and eat the fruits of our labour.

Coming into spring this last month has been a great time for us to re-asses where we grew our food and build and prep new gardens in a better space on our section.
After building new raised beds filling them with soil, and moving the few plants we still had growing in our old garden. it was time to plant out seeds.

Some seeds we planted straight into the gardens but most we have started off in little newspaper pots we made and have been happily growing away popping up with new little shoots for just over a week.

But why should only my girls be the one’s that benefit from my love of growing.
Especially now that I am studying Horticulture, I want to be able to put my skills to use.

Starting with my daughters school, it is my goal, to make it easier and more achievable for every NZ school to have a garden that will feed the children and bring the community together!

Plant a tiny seed and watch it grow to feed the masses, fight the child poverty that is sadly ever increasing in New Zealand.

There are already some really great programs set up in some schools like The Common Unity Project Aotearoa
And it is with the help of the lovely Julia from Common Unity, and some of my wonderful friends, that I am now setting forth on my own project/adventure.

Starting with my daughters classroom on Wednesday and then moving round the rest of her school I will be teaching the children to make newspaper seeding pots and planting seeds with them.
One little seed at a time we will produce a working garden at their school, to help feed the students and to bring together the wider community.

Newspaper seed pots made and ready for my first seeding class on Wed!

Want to make your own seed pots like these??? I followed this guy’s cool tutorial

Lately my brain has been exploding with ideas for this project, I have to keep telling myself start small and let it gain momentum.
but I don’t want to loose my thoughts and ideas either, save them for later down the track!
Any excuse to go shopping for cute notebooks at Typo!

Bring on the rest of the productive and inspiring week.

Will update with how my first seed planting class goes later in the week!

Laura xxx


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