Hot off the Sewing Machine!

Today I dusted off my sewing machine (literally) it has been feeling a little lonely of late!

I’ve had this gorgeous vintage fabric sitting around for a little while

2013-10-18 13.37.14

Sweet Vintage Fabric!

I always new what it was to be be made into, I just lost my Sew-Jo….

So yesterday my lovely friend who crochet’s me the collars for my Yvie Dresses gave me a couple more to work with and I new straight away that finally this fabric was getting made up!

With no kids in the house this morning I set to work!



Jump ahead a few steps (I didn’t really take any more making photo’s)

And Wallah! One Yvie Dress in sweet as vintage fabric!

Yes I know my phone takes crappy pictures but my kids broke my camera …. its on the list of things to buy this weekend!

and one grumpy miss 3 who didn’t want to be my model

No Mum I will not smile!

This dress is one of a kind size 3 Yvie Dress and it is now listed on my website available to Purchase

But be quick there is only one!

Laura xx

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