Swimming in Breastpads! ~ Behind the Scenes!

It seems that there must be a baby boom on at the moment!

All I have been sewing these last few months is what feels like millions of breastpads…..

So seeing as they are my most popular product at the moment I thought I would take the time to show you behind the scenes and how those marvelous little things are made!

My breastpads are made up of waterproof backing PUL (the pretty colours) and two layers of super absorbent hemp fabric!

First I cut out the fabrics into circles! Lots and lots of circles……

Cutting lots of circles! (picture taken by little miss 3!)

Cutting lots of circles!
(picture taken by little miss 3!)

Look at all the scraps that get left over!

But want not waste not!

The great things about working with natural fibers is that they are fully compostable! All the hemp scraps go straight in the compost heap!
The coloured PUL on the other hand, that isn’t a natural fiber so lots of pretty little bits of fabric, what to do?
Well little kiddies know what to do, make art! so these all get sent to our local Kindy!

Back to the making…. next step sewing!

This step has been rather tricky lately as my trusty little overlocker is broken, and I have been waiting on parts for afew months now.

Poor sad little overlocker :(

Poor sad little overlocker

Not to worry though, I have awesome friends who have been letting me steal their precious overlockers (even after I broke my one and then my mum’s one too)

My friends have a lot of trust!

SEWING! (picture also taking by little miss 3)

(picture also taking by little miss 3!)

Just by the way the new Whittacker’s Strawberry chocolate is delicious!

Sewing sustenance!

Sewing Sustenance!

And then after some hard work and chocolate eating……..

Finished Product!

Finished Product!

All packaged up and ready to head off to their new homes!

Most of the single pairs will soon be heading off to Early Buds!!!
One pair will be donated to Early buds for every set of 5 pairs sold.

To purchase head to my website!

Hemp Breastpads are fantastic for breastfeeding mums and make a great gift. They are fully reusable and environmentally friendly!

Each pad is approximately 10cm in diameter, and is perfectly suitable for day use and light night use.

Did you know:

100% hemp has four times the durability and absorption of cotton.

Hemp also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Also the growth of hemp has less impact on our environment, requires less water to grow than cotton, requires less labor, and hemp can be reproduced much faster than cotton.

Laura xx

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