Turning Children’s Artwork into Embroidered Keepsakes.

My latest addiction (embroidery) all started with a marvelous drawing of my 4 year old Daughter’s of her Granny and Grandad.
She drew if for Granny’s birthday present and it was so cool I tried to think of what I could turn it into!
1679_546187852078282_1657207270_n - Copy

And so I traced it onto fabric and started stitching away…
Who new how fun embroidery was, or much less how addictive it is!

After only afew days I was finished and Granny’s birthday present was greatly received!

1679_546187852078282_1657207270_n - Copy (2)

And since then I have done several children’s artwork embroideries from my own kids drawing and as custom orders!

392682_554369621260105_2065989701_n 544656_557625307601203_1964770437_nPicMonkey Collage

Also throw in afew family hand print keepsakes:

296507_548065075223893_78575829_n 644363_559125504117850_475507163_n

and some embroideries done from my own drawings:

3 2

and then one more just for fun!


and there you have it, you can now say that I am a crazy person who is addicted to embroidery now!

To keep this crazy person happy, I would love to embroider that special picture by your child! I am taking custom orders for keepsake embroideries for Christmas now!

See below for all details you need to know!

Children’s artwork embroideries are done by consultation, I will need to view the Child’s artwork before I commit to actually making it.

Prices will be on a quote basis after viewing the picture.

The maximum size I will make an embroidery is A4

You can choose from having just the embroidery done on fabric which you can then have framed etc.

OR I can then turn the embroidered picture into a cushion cover at extra cost, depending on size and fabrics chosen.

OR they can be mounted onto a canvas.

All embroideries are done by hand and will take time to complete, so I will only be offering limited custom slots for these each month. Please email laulipops.shop@gmail.com for a consultation.


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