The Best of the Best!

Some one asked me recently, what is the best thing you have ever made?
Instantly I replied with my two beautiful girls!


But obviously they were meaning the best thing I have ever made in the world of sewing and craftiness.

Now this is actually a hard one to think of, there have been soooooo many things that I have made in the past.
I have been sewing since I was 8 you see, and when your addicted to sewing like I am you can sew up a many number of things in 17 years! (yes I know I’m still young )

But there are two very sentimental projects that stand out in my mind, they are very different and were made at totally different times in my life but at the same time I can’t choose one as being better over the other.

They both took many many hours of planning, cutting, pinning, sewing and of course no big project is complete without swearing, unpicking and things going disastrously wrong!

The first one I made at 16 it was my 6th form sewing class project, and it actually got me top of my class that year, Bonus!
It was of course the thing all 6th and 7th form girls make in sewing class, their ball dress!

Now Ive always been a bit strange, liked styles from long ago eras over the here and now.
So here is my dress I designed on the fashion of the 1900’s, pattern drafted by me and taking about 4 – 6 months of school sewing classes to make!
Can you tell I was a little bit goth back then, favorite colour BLACK!

and now for the best part of the dress, the bit that caused the most swearing, unpicking and late night sewing…..
the back!
Fully complete with lace up bodice, a bustle and lace train!

AND the second one that isn’t better or worse then the first just different!

This one was made only two years ago and I didn’t have time to go all out and draft pattern’s from scratch like with my ball dress. With little ones biting at my ankles simple was the way to go!
I had little time and a very important deadline ……

My Wedding Day!

Thankfully my mother made my bridesmaids dresses because procrastination meant I only had time to make my dress …. Just!



Best day of my life so far!

I love both dresses just as much, for all the time love and care I put into them.
But witch one is your favorite? I would love to know!

Laura xx

7 responses to “The Best of the Best!

  1. So clever. And so lucky to have found your talent/passion so young. Look forward to the next amazing dress and milestone.

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